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See Immersion Golf's tee buddy in action:

The newest product to improve the golf range experience and increase golf range revenues by reducing the fatigue associated with excessive bending over to tee up your ball. Bring the customers back to YOUR range using the tee buddy.

tee buddy is:

  • Easy to use, lightweight and made of high impact, recycled plastics for durability.
  • Allows a Golfer to fine tune their stance and foot positioning eliminating movement to tee up additional practice balls.
  • Use with existing Range mats anywhere or use a customized, “flush fit” mat.
  • Low cost and easy to transport means a golfer can take this unit anywhere.
  • Increase range ball sales by reducing the effort it takes to hit an average bucket of balls.
  • AMERICAN DESIGNED, manufactured, packaged and marketed:
    * US PAT #5743804 *